The Floaterly

What We Are; Who We Are.

Our Story

I (Troy) founded Floaterly in May of 2019 after being told people were tired of hearing my travel stories. Looking for an alternate way to communicate my passion, I turned to this new thing called “blogging.” About 80,000 words later, I had ‘most’ of my stories typed out; at least the ones that are “PC”. Doing all this typing vamped up my passion for traveling, and I branched out into providing tips that I’ve learned along the way; tips that would help the everyday traveler. 

I spent two years, from 2015 to 2017, traveling to 30 cities across 18 different countries. In that time, I hiked, biked, walked, ran, and swam through various different climates and landscapes. Unfortunately though, that time came to a close (money ran out) and I moved to the great state of Texas to work and pursue a degree in accounting. Creating this website started as a hobby and turned into a business, but the fun I have with it hasn’t waned. 

I have always loved being a creator. Creating my own things instead of buying from someone else; it’s always provided me with a feeling of pride. That’s why I created the Floaterly Adventure Collection; a backpack and fanny pack. I’ve had many backpacks that I’ve used and loved over the years, but I wanted my own. I wanted gear that was simple and efficient, and looked great at the same time. And thus, my product line was born!

Hiking in Pula
Plitvice National Park
A Trip to Lloret de Mar
Jungfrau Snowboarding

Our Vision

I am a proud American, and someone who firmly believes we should bring back manufacturing and business back home to the States. That’s why all Floaterly products are manufactured here in the United States by American companies and workers. I strive to make sure all the materials used in the bags are also sourced in the United States, however that is not always possible. Some things just aren’t made here (which I wish they were)! 

Along with great quality products, I want to bring you great quality information. I believe every one should be able to travel the world, or at least some of it, without going into debt or placing financial hardships onto themselves. My family didn’t have a ton of money growing up, but we still went on vacation every year regardless. That idea carried into my adult life where I continue to strive for a vacation each year, which requires me to creatively budget and save; as well as creatively book my trips. 

Those creative methods are what I want to pass onto you, to help you out, to help you see as much of the world as possible. It is truly beautiful out there!

A Trip to Lloret de Mar
Jungfrau Snowboarding

Our Goal

I want to continue making high quality backpacks and fanny packs, eventually expanding into other essential travel gear. Continuing to partner with other American businesses and eventually opening my own manufactory, the real goal is to provide the best product for the lowest cost. No matter what, quality will never be sacrificed for the sake of making a few extra dollars.

I will continue to bring you up-to-date information on all things budget travel. Whether it be deals, warnings, or general advice, our weekly blog will be your best friend!


Budapest Chain Bridge