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Cairo, Egypt

Knowing exactly what to bring makes your life that much easier.
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What’s Great About Cairo?

Cairo is the famous capital of Egypt. It is often synonymous with “Ancient Egypt” due to its rich history and long standing structures to include the Great Pyramids.  The weather in Cairo is almost perfect year round; with the coldest month being January with an average temperature of 66 degrees and the warmest month being July with an average of 95 degrees. 95 sounds hot, and it is, but at least it’s a dry heat!


This climate combined with its vast history makes Cairo a very popular tourist destination. If you’re a history buff, then Cairo should be high up on your bucket list. If you are looking for mild temperatures and smaller crowds, then try to book your trip for early Spring, or late Fall, pretty much just before and just after busy season. 


Cairo is home to 9.9 million people, spread across its 1,191 square mile land mass. But I bet you didn’t know that not only is it the largest city in the Arab world, but if you include it’s metropolitan population which is over 20 million, then it is also the largest city in Africa and 6th largest in the world! Cairo offers a lot more than just history, as they have a bustling and modern city to boot!

Cairo Trip

Average Airline Price

Flights to Cairo from the United States are on the expensive side. The average cost of a roundtrip flight is $999. Here are some numbers I pulled for a weeklong, roundtrip flight from various airports:

  • San Antonio, TX (SAT) – $906
  • Kansas City, MO (MKC) – $1021
  • Des Moines, IA (DSM) – $972
  • Los Angeles, CA (LAX) – $622
  • New York, NY (LGA) – $1,678
  • Orlando, FL (ORL) – $795

As you can see, prices fluctuate greatly based on what airport you fly out of, with the most expensive surpassing the $1,500 mark! 

All of these prices were found using our affiliate JetRadar Flight Finder. You can look for flights yourself by using our search engine below! It scans all ticket vendors and delivers you the best price that it can find across every website currently selling tickets. This helps you save a ton of money, believe me.

Average Lodging Price

As with any destination, hotels and Airbnbs will vary in price based on multiple factors such as location, season, and amenities. Let’s take a look at some Airbnbs and hotels and then compare the prices.

Here are some examples of average, entire place Airbnbs in Cairo:

  • Downtown Cairo Oasis – $43/night
  • Location, Bright, and Super Clean – $51/night
  • Lemon Spaces Cozy – $53/night

So as you can see, Airbnb offers some amazing prices. These will trend up as you move into the more popular seasons, but even then, the prices will be very affordable. I am not affiliated with Airbnb, so if you are looking to book with Airbnb, visit their website here.

Now, let’s move on to some hotel prices:

  • Kempinski Nile Hotel – $660 for 7 Nights
  • Cairo Marriott Hotel – $561 for 7 Nights
  • Dusit Thani Lakeview – $1,190 for 7 Nights

So even going the hotel route will still be a great price. Overall, if you went with an average flight and an average hotel or Airbnb, you would be looking at around $1,500 just for your hotel and flight. But there’s more to a trip than that, so let’s keep going.

Cairo Airbnb 1
Cairo Airbnb 2
Cairo Hotel

Activity Spotlight

Now let’s look at some activities. It’s always a good idea to book your activities out ahead of time. It’s an easy way to have better structure and save time and money. 

There’s a lot to do in Cairo. So let’s highlight three activities to give you an idea of what you can experience.

  • Egyptian Antiquities Museum – $29
  • Nile River Cruise – $45
  • Memphis Tour – $62.75

A lot of what Cairo has to offer is centered around history. You can easily spend a week in Cairo while spending next to nothing and just exploring the city, however it is very much worth spending a little and getting a front row look into some of the most interesting history the world has to offer.

Cairo Activity 1
Cairo Activity 2
Cairo Activity 3

In Conclusion

Today’s destination of Cairo is an ancient city full of new life. It might take some time to save up for a trip like this, but it would be well worth the investment. Remember to use our flight booker and hotel booker for your flight and hotel booking needs! It’ll save you even more money.

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