Spending a Weekend in Budapest, Hungary

A Trip to Budapest
The great Chain Bridge connecting Buda and Pest.
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A Trip to Budapest, Hungary

Budapest was one of the craziest trips I have been on. Between going with a great group of people, and exploring the vast city, you can understand why it holds that title. 

See, Budapest is the capital of Hungary, and houses over 1.7 million people. The city is littered with great restaurants, bars, and shopping areas. Those are the recipe for a great trip. Throw in some great friends and you got yourself a trip of a lifetime.

Budapest Hungary

How Did We Get There?

We got lucky with the Budapest trip. One of my friends, who we considered the “travel agent” of the group, managed to find an insane deal on flights to Budapest through Ryanair. A deal we couldn’t refuse. I’m talking $40 round-trip per person. 

Who wouldn’t drop $40 for a weekend in Budapest? Very few people. 

So five of us snagged those tickets, we found an awesome Airbnb close to the city center and public transportation, split between the five of us, we paid next to nothing. 

The whole weekend cost us maybe $150 each. Now that’s a deal.


What Did We Do There?

We landed in Budapest in the afternoon, and had to take two separate taxis to the Airbnb considering there were so many of us. It wasn’t a huge problem though, except for the fact that that taxi ride cost more than the flights themselves!

Either way, we couldn’t complain, and settled into our apartment. In a successful attempt to save money, we walked to a nearby supermarket and picked up some simple bacon, eggs, and other various breakfast and snack foods.

Now that we were all 100% squared away, we started our journey through Budapest. The first stop was the Danube River, the second longest river in Europe. Actually, it flows through 10 countries, more than any other in the world!

It was a huge river, in terms of side to side. Walking along the river we eventually came across the Chain Bridge. Prior to 1873, Budapest was actually three separate cities, Buda, Obuda, and Pest. The Chain Bridge was the first permanent stone bridge that connected the two, when it was finished in 1849.

To this day, it is the most visited and sought after bridge in Hungary’s capital. We managed to spend over an hour at the bridge and the surrounding river banks, so that’s saying something. 

Fun fact: It was blown up in World War II, but rebuilt a few years after!

Chain Bridge

After a while, we did end up crossing the bridge, and again taking a super long walk along the Danube River. We just chatted and took in the beautiful lights that shined bright against the dark sky. I’m sure you have seen a picture of the Budapest Parliament building at night, and if you have, you know that they are not shy with the lights. If anything, it’s more light than it is building!

We crossed through parliament grounds and made our way back across another bridge to get onto our side of town. 

Budapest Parliament Building

The second day started with a good breakfast that we made right there in the Airbnb, followed by just more wandering around. Today was the day that we would try out the world famous Budapest Thermal Baths. 

We went on this trip in January, so it was sub 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside. So, outside of the pool, in just a bathing suit, we were freezing cold. However the pools were heated by thermal springs, so the water was an easy 90 degrees. It was a perfect combination of hot and cold. 

The place was packed, but not too packed to the point that we couldn’t enjoy ourselves. There were also a ton of people spending more time taking pictures than they were swimming, although, I don’t blame them. It was a pretty crazy experience, I’d flex too!

After a good one to two hours here, it was about time to grab some dinner, my Cowboys game was starting soon!

Budapest Thermal Baths

Since we were in Budapest, the Cowboys game started pretty late at night, so we ended up finding a sports bar named Champ’s that was airing the game. There was a surprising amount of American football fans in there, a lot of which were cheering for the Cowboys. 

It was the heartbreaking game against Green Bay in 2017, when somehow Green Bay drove down the field and kicked a field with like 30 seconds left. 

We were there up until the very last minute of the game, at which point we had to leave to get back to the Airbnb. It was tied, again with less than a minute left, so I thought ok, we can make it back to the Airbnb in time for overtime.

You should have seen my face when we got back and I saw that there was no overtime, the Cowboys just straight up lost. It was not fun.

Budapest Chain Bridge

Heading Home

After a solid couple days, and a huge heartbreak handed to me by the Dallas Cowboys, we made our way back to the airport. We just used the same taxi company that got us there, as we had snagged one of their business cards when they originally dropped us off. 

For a short notice trip, and not very much money spent, we had an absolutely amazing time.

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