Going to Tomorrowland 2017 as My Last Trip

The fountains of Tomorrowland at night.
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Tomorrowland 2017

There couldn’t possibly be a better ending two my action packed two years of living in Germany. Tomorrowland is the epitome of a good time, and the absolute perfect send off as we well would part ways for good a few weeks after the festival.

We bonded over EDM music many times over the years, and had planned a trip to Tomorrowland since we first got to Germany. We were never lucky enough to get tickets before they sold out, but luckily we managed to find some for the last festival we had the chance to go to!

Tomorrowland Entrance

How Did We Get There?

For our very last trip, we decided to take a rental car. An Audi A3 hatchback in a nice, shiny white paint. Up to this point, we had taken my one friends BMW on almost every single trip, but after two years of touring Germany, that car was on her last life. So instead of potentially killing it on the way to or from Belgium, we just rented a car and split it between the three of us.

I was the one that drove us there, as I really wanted to drive the Audi. I had been considering getting an A3 for some time, and this was the perfect opportunity to see if it was something that I wanted.

Considering Tomorrowland is a massive festival, we ended up staying in Brussels- about one hour away from the festival itself- which was hosted in Boom. Anywhere closer and you could expect to pay insane rate for both hotels and Airbnbs alike.

We just got a very small, two bed hotel room in the city. All we needed it for was sleeping, so it didn’t need to be anything fancy.

Tomorrowland Dragon

What Did We Do There?

On the first day of the festival, we got dressed up, and since the theme was “vintage circus,” I decided I wanted to go for a vintage look. I bought a vest, bow-tie, and flat cap to pair with a white button up and brown pants to create a classic early 1900s look. I think it turned out great, and it was definitely unique, as no one else had anything like it.

After checking in and getting our bracelets that would be our key to pretty much everything, we made it through security and made started walking around the festival grounds. We got there right as it opened at noon and figured we could easily spend twelve hours there.

However, that was not the case. We ventured around to the various stages to dance and listen to music from a wide variety of different artists and sub-genres. Eventually we tired out from all the activities, so we got some food and decided to call it early, leaving at around 5pm.

Vintage Tomorrowland

The second day we planned a little better. Since we were staying in Brussels, we decided to spend the first half of the day walking around the city, shopping a bit for different costume ideas for later in the day when we tackled the festival again.

Around dinner time, we made our way to the festival grounds once again. This time we had napped, eaten, and hydrated so we were ready to go for a long day of partying.

We ended up at the main stage for most of the day this time. They were playing a lot of music we recognized so it was pretty fun to dance to the songs we knew. At one point, the group Nervo started playing and they were really killing it. The whole crowd was going crazy, and up to this point I hadn’t heard of them. So I was like, I need to get closer. Well, it was a bit too late, as they were done with their set, but as they were coming down the artists exit, they looked specifically at us and waved and said thanks for the support. So that practically made my day!

After this, we decided to check out the Ferris wheel that we kept seeing off in the distance.

Tomorrowland Mainstage

On the way to the wheel, we stopped by a completely enclosed stage that we saw a ton of people flocking to. We ended up going in and managed to snag a front row spot to two different artists. We were one video multiple times and all the camera crews were right in front of us. We actually all made it onto the Tomorrowland Youtube channel when they uploaded highlights.

We spent a lot of time in here because it was really good, but we needed to press on to the Ferris wheel like we had planned.

We made it to the top of the ride and got a crazy view of the entire festival which was an amazing experience. From up there, it looked like nobody was there, but in reality, a few hundred thousand people were in attendance.

Tomorrowland Ferris Wheel

After the Ferris wheel, we made our way back to the main stage, because the night shows were about to start. These are world famous due to the insane displays of lights, fireworks, and super loud music.

At one point, all the lights and sounds cut out. It was just the sound of people talking wondering what happened. Then, out of nowhere, my favorite EDM song of all time, Arcade by W&W started playing. This is where we really started going crazy, because from there on out, the whole light show really kicked off leading up to the finale.

Song after song lead up to the giant firework show that capped off the amazing night full of awesome music!

Tomorrowland at Night

Heading Home

Outside of sentimental value, this trip was definitely one of the best we had been on. We met a ton of great people and had the times of our lives as well! I’ll never forget the wonderful experiences I had at both Tomorrowland and the rest of the trips I went on over the course of the last four years.

It was the driving motivation for me to start this website, which in and of itself has been an incredible time.

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