Spending a Weekend in Barcelona

Barcelona Trip 2
A shot of one of the many alleyways in Barcelona!
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A Weekend in Barcelona

Barcelona is my favorite city in the world for many reasons. From its incredible displays of Antoni Gaudi’s architectural work, to its lively party scene; Barcelona has just about anything you could ever want.

For my second trip to Barcelona, I went by myself mostly, but did meet up with a friend for a day or so.

Barcelona Garden

How Did I Get There?

Luckily, I didn’t have to fly with a major airliner for this trip, I could just use Ryanair. So off the bat I was on a roll with the whole money saving thing. I was able to snag round trip tickets to Barcelona for under $100.

It is also worth mentioning that I went on this trip alone, so I wasn’t looking to spend a lot of money getting an entire place Airbnb. For the first time ever I got a shared apartment.

What does this mean?

It means that I shared an apartment with a few other people. There was a central bathroom, but we each had our own bedroom in the apartment. It was very small, but very cozy. I had a standing closet, small bed, and window that overlooked a bit of the city. All for around $20 a night, so I couldn’t complain.

Barcelona Weekend

What Did I Do There?

After arriving in Barcelona in the afternoon, I went to meet up with a friend that had been in Barcelona for a few days. She was staying in a hostel at the time, so she brought along another guy that she met while in there.

For the rest of that day, we explored around the city going into cathedrals and just taking in the city. At night, we all sat on the steps of the National Palace and talked for a few hours before I decided to call it a night and head back to the Airbnb.

The second day, I was on my own for the majority of the day, although I did have plans with meeting up with my friend later for a late lunch/early dinner. This trip is what solidified that traveling alone is a great experience. I was completely on my own schedule, I woke up, walked around a bit, and found a really good spot for breakfast.

After the meal, I ended up catching a train downtown. I wanted to go to Camp Nou, but somehow got off at the wrong stop and instead toured the Arc de Triomf. It was the second time I had seen it in person, but the first time I could really take my time and enjoy it.

Eventually I did make it to Camp Nou.

Arc de Triomf

When I took my first trip to Barcelona, I did a bus tour around the city because we were on a time constraint. I remember passing by the stadium and wanted so bad to see inside of it. So that’s why on this trip, I dedicated a whole day to seeing it.

I booked my tickets a couple days in advance for around $20. So on the day of Camp Nou, I just walked up, walked in, and was on my way. I chose to take a self-guided tour, as I didn’t want to wait for anyone and go my own pace.

It started out with a museum that had a ton of displays on the history of FC Barcelona which was really cool to see. After the museum, the arrows would then guide me through the rest of the stadium, including the locker rooms, news room, stadium seats, and press boxes.

I would end up spending a good couple hours in the stadium before buying a jersey and meeting up with my friend for a late lunch.

Camp Nau

The third day I was completely on my own; I decided I wanted to spoil myself. On one of my many walks around the city over the past couple days, I passed by a massage parlor that also had that thing where you can let the fish eat away at your feet. I had always wanted to try it, so I decided to make it a priority on day three.

I had also never gotten a massage before, so I decided I would do both! It was incredibly relaxing and the fish was a super weird feeling for the first five to ten minutes. After that you couldn’t even tell a bunch of little fish were eating your feet!

Following the massage, I ended up making a trip all the way to the Barcelona Aquarium. I say all the way because it was the very last stop on the bus route that I had been utilizing. Still, it only took maybe 15 minutes to get there.

I had a great time, and even got lunch there afterwards. But by this point, I was exhausted. It had been a long day of walking around and taking public transportation, so I decided to call it an early day.

Weekend in Barcelona

Heading Home

After a very eventful few days in Barcelona, I headed back home. This would end up being my second to last trip while living in Germany, so it was pretty bittersweet knowing my time having travel this readily available was coming to an end.

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